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Cubs Opening Day was a bust, but then well… ya know. They’re the Cubs.
We’re just gearing up for 2015, by which time Miami will have moved to the American league in huge league realignment
and the Marlins owners will finally realize how stupid looking a Marlin is on a uniform and opt for a much more appropriate and aggressive team mascot – the Gator.

Cubs 2015
Animation clip from Back To The Future 2
– via Al Yellon’s article:
A ‘Back To The Future’ MLB Realignment Scenario
Read it at SB Nation.

On the plus side, we got to see an entertaining Cubs/Sox dialog from ,
featuring two of our favorite people, Craig Robinson & Nick Offerman.
They toss a few nice verbal jabs at each other and then teach us
two important lessons about friendly North-side/South-Side rivalry conversations:

1) Never bring up New York
2) NEVER… EVER… disrespect Chicago Pizza.