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C.P. Bacon Addresses The Elephant In The Room

Yesterday, news broke that presidential candidate and crispy meat slab, C.P. Bacon of

confirmed that he had sent out a support letter in favor of newly formed Bacon SuperPAC aka Americans For More Bacon Tomorrow. After much criticism over his support of a SuperPAC after having publicly denounced the Citizens United ruling on Corporate “Personhood”, he released a followup statement on his Facebook page and simultaneously on his Twitter account, @Bacon4Pres , explaining his rationale:


OK, let me address the elephant in the room. (No, not you, Dumbo, I’m speaking metaphorically).

Citizens United is what I’m talking about.  I’m pretty sure there’s a ton of corporate interests out there using Citizens United as a way to use tons of $$$$ to mislead the masses, and I’m not entirely sure if I agree with the Supreme Court on Corporations having the same rights to free speech as people (and half-people like me). But as a patriotic Bacon-American, I can see that the Citizens United ruling hurts the American Dream more than it helps. So I would be in favor of a constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United, but as most of us realize, passing one could take years.

In the meantime, corporate interests will continue to undermine the efforts of honest hardworking Americans just trying to #BringHomeTheBacon . So I’m doing the only thing I can to stem the tide. While the ability to make independent expenditures to promote a better food industry and a better economy for everyone is still perfectly legal under the law, I’ll do what I have to in order for you to have a better tomorrow.

This is why I support and why I wrote that letter of support.
Americans For More Bacon Tomorrow shares a lot of the same hopes and dreams for a better future for America, and they want to help you have every opportunity to #BringHomeTheBacon.
So I hope you can see that this is not just any SuperPAC. It’s a BACON SuperPAC.

Thanks for reading, and Lard Bless America!

C.P. Bacon –
@Bacon4Pres on twitter

p.s. – I know you’re not supposed to start sentences with “so” and “but” , but I do not care. The message is what’s important. I’ll hire a speech-writer for next election,

Bacon SuperPAC Support Letter From C.P. Bacon:

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Futurama Toy FAIL – Wooden Bender

I think that someone failed to watch the Futurama episode of “Obsoletely Fabulous” or just plain didn’t read the description, because FUTURAMA and kidrobot made one of the most cool, yet confusing, Futurama collectibles ever.

They got together
and made a “Wooden Bender” figure…
OK, technically, it’s VINYL, but I think you see my point, don’t you?
Don’t you think it would have been more appropriate to have made this toy… I don’t know…
OUT OF WOOD, maybe?!?!?
This is either one of the most BRILLIANT inside jokes ever… or someone clearly didn’t really think this through.

You can get one of these abominations at the Comedy Central Online Shop
(click on the image above for the link)

I still kinda want one, though.


Raiders of the Lost Ark – Possibly The BEST MOVIE EVER

If you have not ever seen the movie
Raiders of The Lost Ark


It is quite possibly the best movie ever.
This is why*:

  • Han Frickin’ Solo in a leather jacket
  • World Travel
  • Treasure Hunting / Archaeology
  • Golden Idols
  • Awesome Booby Traps
  • Evil French Dude
  • Hordes of angry natives with poison dart blow guns
  • Snakes on a Plane!
  • Shifty Bureaucrats and Government Agents
  • Supernatural religious artifacts
  • Booze drinking, bar-owning female love interest
  • Evil Asian Dude with a branding iron
  • Bull whip used as an accurate weapon
  • Henchmen with extremely loud and useless machine guns
  • FIRE! (thank you, Beavis)
  • Superimposed images of a plane over a map used for transitions.
  • MONKEYS! Spy Monkeys!
  • John Rhys Davies brings class to any movie he is in, even if he is playing an Egyptian with a British accent.
  • Evil Monkey Trainer with Eye Patch
  • Evil masked dudes with swords
  • Cookware used as a weapon – “Frying pans! Who knew!” said my brother.
  • BEST AD-LIBBED SCENE : Indy uses his gun.
    (If you’ve seen it, you know the scene I’m talking about)
  • Truck explosions.
  • Best use of kids to diffuse a potential armed bloodbath.
  • Sad irony – BAD DATES.
  • Evil Nazis (is there any other kind?)
  • Egyptian Work Songs (at least I think they’re Egyptian)
  • Secret map rooms with models of Pyramids and stuff 
  • More SNAKES! (Very Dangerous! You go first.)
  • Fire! Fire! eheh eh ehem (Shut up, Beavis!)
  • Drinking contests
  • Clever, but scary, collapsible travel coat hangers!
  • Egyptian Tombs and Secret passageways
  • Skeletons 
  • Daring Escapes!
  • Weird German Aircraft
  • Fight Club with Evil German Mr. Clean
  • Chicks with Machine Guns
  • Death… by Propeller!
  • Horses!
  • German Army Truck Convoys
  • The importance of seatbelts.
  • The unreliability of hood ornaments.
  • The reason why the Swiss Army now makes bullwhips.
  • Boats and Submarines!
  • Katanga, the Lando Calrissian of the Sea!
  • An RPG Launcher in 1936! (anachronism, maybe, but definitely cool)
  • Bondage!
  • Nazis performing blasphemy on purpose.
  • Whirling Ghosts, Spirits, Supernatural Forces
  • Important advice about staring directly at the wrath of the supernatural.

 * If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know what I mean by most of these references.
 * If you haven’t seen the movie, keep this list handy while you watch.

The only thing this movie doesn’t have is space ships and aliens and, well… we all know how well that worked out for Indiana Jones.

Besides, if you want aliens and spaceships, George Lucas has you covered with the Star Wars saga, but watch episodes IV, V, and VI first.

So, do yourselves and your progeny a favor –
Skip the next retro, ball-kicking tattooed party alien prequel dreamy teen vampire 80’s rock 3-D animated time-traveling musical movie re-boot and watch Raiders first so you can make proper movie-viewing decisions in the future.

You’re welcome. 🙂

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Bacon Super PAC – Let's Make This Happen!

Hi, Bacon , Cheeseburger and Bacon Cheeseburger Fans
and followers of Bacon4President!

I’m starting up a Bacon Super PAC (
I’m not kidding. This is real.

Besides supporting an imaginary strip of Bacon wearing a suit who’s running for President (you can still write him in),
I want to use this PAC to support real solutions for economic recovery and local food-related causes and other things that we care about, such as:

helping people get jobs and training,
helping small businesses that create or support a better food industry,
giving people better access to fresh produce,
working with cities to create more reasonable food truck regulations (like preparing/cooking food on the truck, etc.),
and supporting those who support progress.

In order to get the Super PAC and 501 non-profit set up properly, I need some seed-money to set up accounts and do the initial paperwork, etc. I’m trying to do as much of this on my own as possible, but I may need legal or financial consultation to make sure I put your donations to their best use. Any amount not used for the setup will go toward funding of the SuperPAC and/or 501 non-profit.
Once Bacon Super PAC is up and running, I may soon be able to hire people to support the Super PAC and 501 non-profit organizations. I want to be a REAL job creator, so others can bring home the bacon, too!

Let’s get started!
Go to
and make a Pre-Funding Donation (any amount)
so we can get this thing “out of the frying pan”!

Together, we can make a future where
ALL Americans can have more bacon tomorrow!

Thanks for your support, and LARD BLESS AMERICA!

Edward Heller
Founder – Bacon SuperPAC
Americans For More Bacon Tomorrow

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A BACON AMERCIA! (or beer can)

I think we can cut Mitt Romney a little slack on this one, as he probably didn’t even know he HAD an iPhone app.
Our good friend and presidential candidate, C.P. Bacon is also quite familiar with the challenges of hiring competent production staff. One time, he hired a Jamaican graphic designer to work on his iPhone app.
We’re not entirely sure if Bacon realizes that he was also dyslexic:

If you don’t get why it says “beer can”, you used to be able to go to:, but apparently there were legal issues with that website, so we’re linking to the page