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Billy Goat Tavern

Billy Goat Tavern –

This place is only famous for two reasons:

1) The restaurant was parodied in a sketch on Saturday Night Live by John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd (and most of the rest of the cast), who emphasized their zany interpretation of the Sianis family who would yell “cheeseburger cheeseburger!”

2) The owner once tried to bring his goat into a famous north-side ballpark.
(You can stick your curse where the sun don’t shine! They suck because they suck! Not because of your damn goat! There! I said it!… in parentheses)

The menu from the Billy Goat Tavern, located under the Michigan Avenue bridge.

The beer – They have two “billy goat” brews on tap, a light and a dark (made by berghoff) $3.50 for a mug. It’s very hard to screw up beer. They also have a decent bar where you can order other drinks.

The food – The menu is posted above, but most people come in to order a cheeseburger. Thin burger patties are cooked on a griddle until well well welllllll done, then stuffed into a kaiser roll. A double cheese, is 2 patties with 1 slice of cheese in the middle. This is not a gourmet establishment. Don’t expect Kuma’s Corner (that’s an entirely different dive). The burgers are not bad, but they’re nothing special. They have one purpose… soaking up alcohol. I think that’s intentional. If you want to get some entertainment, ask for fries or try to order a pepsi. “NO FRIES! CHIPS!”

Ed vs. Cheeseburger – Ed wins every time.

The atmosphere – It’s a friendly dive…with cheeseburgers. It’s one of those living museums, with tons of photos on the wall of the Sianis family with various celebrities and sports figures from the last several decades. The tables and chairs are 70’s cafeteria/diner style. People come here to have a few drinks, watch some sports, or grab a quick bite.

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