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Deep Dish Food Pr0n – December 2009

For those who were unable to partake, ( there was only so much pizza to go around – no leftovers for Ed :-  )
here are a few quick photos from my latest batch of Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizzas
Here in the foreground is a 14″ sausage and pepperoni combo;
in the back is a 12″ sauteed baby spinach and garlic.
Not pictured is a 12″ bacon and pepperoni combo.

I look forward to a whole new year of deep dish pizza ‘experiments’, including:

  • Deep Dish Bacon and Caramelized Cheddar Combo.
  • Ultimate Cheese (varieties?)
  • Home-made Italian sausage
  • Ulti-MEAT Deep Dish!
  • Grilled Chicken??
  • Italian Beef??

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