The YELLOW cap Coke. Get it while you can.

Around Passover (which was around Easter for you non-Jews),
Coca Cola produces a ‘kosher’ version of it’s classic cola in 2 liter bottles.
(some of you also know this as ‘mexican coke’)
The difference is that ‘kosher’ Coke uses REAL SUGAR (like they used to do)
and not that high fructose corn syrup stuff that is quite likely contributing to obesity in America. The jury is out on exactly what part of HFCS is doing this, but I’ll leave that to the scientists and lawyers to figure out. 
The reason I mention it now is that around Passover, this stuff is really expensive, because the grocery stores know you would rather have the ‘sugar’ Coke.
But right now, there are a bunch of stores that put 2-liter bottles on sale for a buck a piece.
Look for the bottles with the YELLOW cap.
It will look like the one above.
Double-check the ingredient list on the bottle label. It will list SUGAR and not HFCS.
You’re welcome.

p.s. – My brother says we should drink water instead. This is a FOOD blog, not a WATER blog.

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