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Square Bar – the other red meat!

You’ve heard the stories about that heavy metal burger place over on Belmont, and you made the trek out there only to find out that your wait would be 2 1/2 hours until you can get a table.

Like many people, you put your name on the list and hop over to the slightly less crowded bar across the street for a drink.

Then you notice that some of patrons of this fine establishment are eating some really good looking food…  and out of the corner of your eye, you see it:

a burger that looks really really good!
So you make a note of it in your brain to come back here to eat next time you’re in the area.

I came back, and boy was I glad I did!


Next time, I will go back and take pictures to post on here,
and I AM GOING back for sure, because I got some
incredible discounts from Living Social!
If you’re lucky enough to read this post before the offer is over,
you too can get $40 worth of Square Bar goodness for only $20!!! from Living Social!

p.s. – one minor note: The french fries were fresh cut and shoestring skinny, but a bit on the soggy side when I went. Just make sure to ask politely if they can make sure the fries are crispy, or better yet… order the sweet potato fries! They are crinkle cut and awesome!

** followup… the second time I went, the fries were perfectly crispy… so must have been a fluke that first time (see photos on the followup post).

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