A dude with the last name CHEESE needs your help!

Richard Cheese and Lounge Against The Machine
are seeking funding to record/produce their 11th studio album,
tentatively titled “LET IT BRIE.”

They currently don’t have enough $$$ to produce it, so they’re currently taking donations through
You can donate as little as $2, and every bit helps, but if you donate $20 or more,
you will get a copy of his next CD, “LET IT BRIE.”
This might be his last CD that ever gets pressed, and will very likely be a limited edition. If you can help, please do.

If you’re a millionaire like Mark Cuban and also a fan of Richard Cheese, please consider donating to a very worthy cause… and then also send a little Richard Cheese’s way so he can continue to bring joy to the masses. 

Thank you very much.
We now return you to other things with cheese in them.

Please enjoy this live video performance from
Señor Queso y los LOUNGEadores que salan de estar contra la Máquina .

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