ChicagoFoodTruckPalooza! – Food Trucks!

If you haven’t seen it yet,
you can now follow the twitter updates of 20+ Chicago food trucks
on the ChicagoFoodTruckPalooza Tracker
food truck feed on this blog,
or on twitter @vcburger/lists/chicagofoodtruckpalooza .

Here’s the lowdown on a few of the more popular trucks:

Meatyballs Mobile currently has two trucks (soon to be 3).
If it can be made into a ball, odds are good they will end up on a tasty torpedo of goodness.
Most of the sandwiches have creative and ‘ballsy’ names and that’s part of their charm!
Bonus points to Chef Foss for giving South Park fans a nod and offering ‘Salty Chocolate Balls’ for dessert.

5411 Empanadas truck has a variety of tasty empanadas.

Tamalli Space Charros Tamale Truck. Say no more!

Gaztro-Wagon ‘Naanwich’ truck .  Think of it as the “Hot Doug’s” of Naanwiches. Gourmet sandwiches in a naan (pita-like flat bread) wrap. Menu varies, and sometimes includes exotic ingredients like Venison, Buffalo or Lobster.

Traveling Burrito has a number of trucks that operate all over the city. Their twitter feed also teaches you spanish words and phrases. Most of them are related to telling people how hungry you are and where the burrito truck is hiding.

The Southern has a Mac and Cheese truck with a number of varieties available.

Ste Martaen has a Vegan Food Truck.

Coming to a curb near you in April is the Haute Sausage Truck who are promising sausages on a bun featuring Lamb, Bison, Duck, Beef & Pig.

In May 2011 (we hope) The Slide Ride Truck hits the streets, selling gourmet ‘sliders’.
We’ve heard that they won’t necessarily be burgers though, so we’ll wait and see!

Chef Aaron Crumbaugh says on his twitter page that his Wagyu Wagon ,
serving wagyu beef, (in what form, we don’t know) should be hitting the streets in late June or early July
I’ve also included the twitter updates for the people who deliver burgers and tamales to the bars.

There’s a handful of different cupcake and dessert trucks that frequent our area as well.

Still no donut truck to speak of, though, but we can dream, can’t we?

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