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Monthly Special at Kuma's Corner – COFFINS

As some of you are aware, a popular Chicago burger joint called Kuma’s Corner has continued their “whenever the heck we feel like doing it” tradition of monthly burger specials named after heavy metal bands into 2012.

This month’s special is : COFFINS
A sample of Coffins music can be found here.
A Japanese death/doom metal band, they kinda sound like
someone dropped all the pots and pans from your kitchen
onto the floor of a chainsaw testing factory where you can hear the nearby trees screaming of the coming apocalypse. (If you are in the band, Coffins, please consider this to be the compliment that it is.)

The burger tastes nothing like that analogy.

This burger is topped with a messy combo of teriyaki shitake mushrooms, fresh jalapeƱos, sweet & sour pork and toasted sesame seeds, which makes it a bit of a savory, salty, heat bomb. If you’ve had other spicy burgers from Kuma’s, it doesn’t quite reach “Plaguebringer” heat, but will definitely get you sweating.

This is what it looked like before I devoured it. This was a TWO NAPKIN burger.

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