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Futurama Toy FAIL – Wooden Bender

I think that someone failed to watch the Futurama episode of “Obsoletely Fabulous” or just plain didn’t read the description, because FUTURAMA and kidrobot made one of the most cool, yet confusing, Futurama collectibles ever.

They got together
and made a “Wooden Bender” figure…
OK, technically, it’s VINYL, but I think you see my point, don’t you?
Don’t you think it would have been more appropriate to have made this toy… I don’t know…
OUT OF WOOD, maybe?!?!?
This is either one of the most BRILLIANT inside jokes ever… or someone clearly didn’t really think this through.

You can get one of these abominations at the Comedy Central Online Shop
(click on the image above for the link)

I still kinda want one, though.

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