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Roll Your Own Rahm Time Magazine Cover

@RedEyeChicago suggested someone start a meme
of the new cover of Time Magazine featuring
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel:


Here ya go, internet! Roll your own:


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There is a mother-effing BACON SHORTAGE.

There is a mother-effing BACON SHORTAGE. Still going to deny global warming?
Yeah. That’s what I thought.
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How to pronounce Paczki – The Polish Chicago Mardis Gras Donut!

(actually this is plural; pączek is the singular form)

How do you pronounce the name of this wonderful
jam, jelly, custard or creme filled donut-like pastry?

Here’s the problem:
The word is Polish, and has been Americanized,
so how you pronounce it really depends
on who’s polish grandmother your parents were talking to
when they bastardized the word into Chicago-eze.
So say it how you want, but to me,
it’s a perfect excuse to put Erik Estrada
into a funny photo with a donut.

Ponch plus Key equals how you pronounce the name of the Mardis Gras Jelly Donut


It goes with the photo, so that’s what we’re sticking with.

You know the theme song from that show is now in your head, don’t you?

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Do you know Skrillex or Paul McCartney?

If you are a parent and you have an appreciation for music,
there is NO EXCUSE
for failing to introduce your kids to the music of The Beatles.

NONE! Do you hear me?!? NO EXCUSE!
If music sucks in the future, the blame rests squarely on you.