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Square Bar Revisited – The American-er Dream

The American Dream burger @ Square Bar in Chicago…

just got American-er…
with the addition of Pulled Pork (and a side of sweet potato fries) !

They said it was the first time anyone had ordered it that way!
I think they should name it after us, don’t you?

The VCB American-er Burger !
 has a nice ring to it!

For those unfamiliar with this feat of American culinary genious,
The ‘American Dream’ from Square Bar is:

10oz. char-grilled burger
topped with sautéed mushrooms
and smoked applewood bacon
and packed between a pair of
grilled cheese sandwiches 

You must be very hungry to eat this sandwich.
It can easily feed a small village.

2849 W Belmont

Chicago, IL 60618

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