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Bacon-Fried Chicken Food Pr0n

I made some home-made fried chicken in a deep enameled cast iron pot.
I could have used my electric deep fryer, but I’m a old-school food masochist.
First, I soaked the chicken overnight in a mixture of salt, pepper, buttermilk,
Garlic-Pepper flavor Tabasco hot sauce and ground sage.
The next day, I drained off the excess buttermilk and coated the pieces in all purpose flour inside a paper bag.
Then I fried them in 325-350 degree oil (this time I used a combo of corn oil and bacon grease),
for about 20-25 minutes (turn pieces about halfway thru cooking time).
Important things to remember:
Have an accurate candy/frying thermometer to check the oil temperature.
Have an accurate meat thermometer handy as well to make sure the chicken is fully cooked:
Cook dark meat to 180 degrees F and white meat to 165 degrees F.
Have good ventilation, because you’ll get a good amount of grease and smoke while you are cooking.

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