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Twitpic'n with my Offset Smoker – BBQ!

What do you get when you combine my crappy phone camera and my intermediate BBQ skills?
Food Pr0n for a Virtual Cheeseburger blog post!
(Now updated with additional digital camera Food Pr0n!)

If you can’t see the story feed, there should be a link to it below:

Here’s some slightly better digital camera photos of the final result:
Beef back ribs are tasty, but they don’t have a lot of meat on them.
I think next time I will try to make brisket again instead.
St. Louis spare ribs came out great, even after applying my Cocoa-Chili Dry Rub only moments before smoking.
Usually, I apply the rub the night before, but it doesn’t seem to make a lot of difference.
Smoked Italian sausages tasted great the next day when chopped up and fried in an omelet (not pictured)!

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